Covid-19 - Wineries are still open 



Since the decree n°2021-31 of January 15, 2021 modifying the decree n° 2020-1310 of October 29, 2020 prescribing the general measures necessary to face the epidemic of covid-19 in the state of health emergency, the retail stores selling alcoholic beverages are among the stores authorized to remain open.


Thus, the wineries are still able to be open while respecting the recommended actions :

1. Tours, motivated by the purchase of wine, are possible within the limit of 6 people outside. Inside, if the available surface is less than 8m2, only one customer (or group of customers from the same social unit) can be welcomed. Beyond that, a minimum surface of 8m2 per client (or group of clients from the same social unit) must be respected.

2. Tastings, motivated by the purchase of wine, are possible except if a prefectural decree explicitly prohibits it.


As wine shops are part of the businesses authorized to remain open during the lockdown decided by the French government on 31/03/2021 and starting on 03/04/2021, the authorisations defined by the decree n°2021-31 of 15 January 2021 remain effective.


As your health is our priority, a health charter has been drawn up to ensure a pleasant experience in complete safety in the wineries listed on Rue des Vignerons.


Discover below all the answers to the questions you may have:


What are the travel limits to go to a winery ?

As wine is considered as a basic necessity, here are the options:

- Without a certificate: travel from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. within a 10-kilometer radius of your home to go to a winery and buy wine there.

- With certificate: travel from 6am to 7pm in your department of residence, with a tolerance of 30 kilometers, to go to a winery and buy wine.



What kind of experiences can I book ? 


Your trips must be motivated by the purchase of wine. For this purpose, you can make a tour or a tasting at a winery.

At the moment, meals and workshops are not available due to the current closure of restaurants in France. To guarantee maximum safety, a health charter has been set up in all the wineries listed on Rue des Vignerons.
These authorisations are nevertheless subject to possible restrictions at local level (via prefectoral decree).



How can I know what wineries are opened close to me ?


To make your search easier, you can type in the term "Around me" in the search bar and filter on a specific day to find the list of the closest wineries opened. In fact, they are ranked by distance from your location.




What health measures have been set up by the wineries ?


In addition to the barrier gestures detailed by the French government, the wineries listed on Rue des Vignerons are committed to respecting a health charter drawn up according to the recommendations of "Vin & Société".


The main measures guaranteeing your safety on site are :

- The wearing of mask by the employees of the wineries in contact with you
- A maximum capacity of 6 people for outdoor experiences, and the respect of a surface area of 8m2 per person (or group of clients from the same social unit) indoors.

- The adaptation of the visit itinerary and tasting areas to respect the 1 meter social distance.

- The free provision of hydroalcoholic gel and single-use masks for those who do not have any on arrival.

- The systematic cleaning and disinfection between each tasting session of the equipment used

- The provision of a spittoon per person for tastings



What measures should I follow when I visit a winery ?


Respecting the barrier gestures detailed by the French government is particularly important when you are in public places.



Furthermore, we invite you to come equipped with a protective mask and to remove it only when you are invited to do so.


What is the cancellation policy ?


You can cancel your reservation for free until the day of your experience with a simple click from the confirmation email and text message. The winery will then be automatically and instantly notified of this cancellation.


Latest update - 02/04/2021